“Success seems to be connected to action. Successful people keep  moving.  They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”

                                                              ―  Conrad Hilton

Our Story ...

In early 1990, Mr. Brian K. Sheely co-founded Sheely & Estes, Inc. This newly formed company provided sales, service and installation of both electronic and pneumatic temperature control systems.  In late 1990, Brian secured an exclusive regional distributorship with Automated Logic Corporation.

In early 1992, Brian decided to concentrate his efforts solely on the rapidly growing direct digital control (DDC) market. Starting in February 1992, he began doing business under a newly formed corporate entity, Sheely Controls, Inc.  During that time, the company operated primarily as a controls reseller and installer, enjoying steady and consistent growth.  

This growth led to a merger with a Louisville HVAC services company in January of 1999. The result was the birth of InnerSpace Strategies, Inc.  This merger expanded operations to include overall building maintenance and HVAC Services in addition to its sales, installation, and servicing of temperature controls systems. 

In January of 2005, the company expanded its representation of the Automated Logic Corporation product line to the Mid-South, covering northern Mississippi, western Tennessee and eastern Arkansas. In June of 2005, InnerSpace Strategies Inc. opened its Mid-South Office located in Collierville, Tennessee.

Today, InnerSpace Strategies, Inc. continues to be a leader in Building Automation and Controls.  In addition, our Systems Integration team has set the standard in the building integration market, displaying superior experience by integrating HVAC equipment, lighting systems and controls, and other existing legacy Building Automation Systems into a common operator interface environment using our industry standard open protocols, such as BACnet, LonMark, and Modbus.