WebCTRL® - Graphical User Interface

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Powerful and Intuitive Front End for Building Control

Automated Logic’s WebCTRL is a premier building automation system,
offering an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. WebCTRL can be accessed from anywhere in the world using Internet Explorer®, without the need for special software on the workstation. Through a browser you can access all building management functions including:

  •  setting and changing schedules,
  •  adjusting setpoints and other control properties,
  •  graphically trending important building conditions, including energy  
  •  and comfort,
  •  viewing and acknowledging alarms, and
  •  running preconfigured and custom reports on energy usage, occupant overrides, tenant billing, and much more.

WebCTRL is certified by the BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) as BACnet  Advanced  Workstation Software  (B-AWS).