“Business is what concerns us. If you care enough about something to do something about it, you're in business.”

                                                              ―  Richard Branson

Our Mission ...

InnerSpace Strategies, Inc.'s mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations of satisfaction and service by providing Strategic solutions for your Facility’s “InnerSpace” with state-of-the-art building automation and controls systems. 

InnerSpace  Strategies, Inc. provides innovative, cost-effective HVAC control strategies for commercial office buildings, government complexes, schools and universities, health care facilities and retail locations throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky, western Tennessee and northern Mississippi. 

Our goal is to provide a full service company that not only provides excellent DDC control product lines (Automated Logic Corporation) and Integration Services, but, most importantly, satisfy our customer's needs of providing HVAC temperature comfort levels by utilizing the most energy efficient, cutting-edge controls strategies available in the marketplace today.