Our Services...

Our team has what it takes to design, engineer, integrate, install and service systems of all ranges, from basic control systems to the most complex Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems available in the marketplace.   Our staff includes some of the most respected engineers and administrators in the industry. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art control solutions with a professional and straightforward approach.

We understand and embrace the "open protocol" concept as an important ingredient toward the solution of reducing the confusion in control system pricing and technology.  Our business philosophy is to provide our customers with a consistent and honest pricing strategy, which reflects a reasonable profit.  

Our Goal is simple...  


832928.pngControls Division:  

This division engineers, installs, and services state-of-the-art  Direct Digital Control (DDC)  and Building Automation Systems (BAS) throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky, western Tennessee, and northern Mississippi.  


7905801.pngFacilities Monitoring Services:  

This division provides "web-based" monitoring for cost efficient building management. Services include building controls, fire, and security system monitoring and notification of                                                                                       appropriate personnel for effective response to developing  conditions.


Building Integration Services:  

This division installs and services cost effective integration solutions of existing commercial building control systems by migrating older legacy DDC systems to modern ASHRAE open standard compatible systems using web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) technology.  Integration services include:  HVAC equipment controls, lighting control systems, fire alarm systems, access and CCTV controls, and more. CLICK HERE to see a few examples of our Integration Projects.

DDC eParts Online Store:

1392350415.jpgWe are dedicated to providing customers a smarter and more efficient way to buy HVAC and building controls parts.  We provide an alternative way to purchase these parts in a simple, easy, user-friendly way.  This division offers our customers a Web-based “eParts” online catalog ordering system offering a complete array of temperature control parts / devices, enabling our customers a “one-stop-shopping” alternative to buying parts, along with a convenience
of drop shipping parts right to your door!